Ring Of Silence Alliances


Guild Name: Phoenix Fire

Guild Name: Unknown

Guild Name: Unknown

Do you plan on allying with other guilds in Phoenix Fire?
Yes, absolutely.  There is currently no alliance aggreements with Phoenix Fire.  If there are other strictly Nuian/Elven Guilds looking to join an alliance, please do not hesitate to keep us in your radar.  Our password protected forums and Ventrilo will easily accomodate more players (please register with character name).  Our Alliance forums section is setup to help with organization, tactics, and strategies in a secure environment.

Are you willing to accept smaller guilds to merge with you?
Yes, but only if both parties are fully in acceptance.  We have no intention of merging into another guild in the future so we will be around for a long time.

If you are not Nuian or Elven... you'll wish you were!