1. Account botting and scamming is NOT tolerated, plain and simple. This will give you a blacklist mark and could result in immediate dismissal from the Guild.

2. There shall be no public disputes among Guild Members. Should this occur and the parties in question are unable to settle the matter themselves privately, they have the right to take the matter before the Guild Ambassador. If the matter requires further attention it will go to the Guild Leader’s attention. The Guild Leader’s decision is final and the issue is to be considered settled.

3. All Members are encouraged to share their good fortune. Should they come by items they cannot use but that their fellow Guild Members can, they are encouraged to trade, sell, or give the item(s) to Members or to the Guild Treasury (Bank). This is just common courtesy because the same will be done for you. Once an item is deposited into the Guild Treasury it becomes Guild property and should be returned to the Treasury after being borrowed (if possible).

4. Guild Dues: We intend to implement Guild Dues, depending on in-game mechanics.  This page will be updated to reflect any changes on this.

If you are blacklisted AND expelled from The Guild - Don't expect to get back in. Allied Guilds will also be notified.

Remember, two strikes and you're out in this ballpark, not three. We are here to have fun, and enjoy the game together as a group.

5. All allies of The Guild are to be treated as such. All Members of The Guild are expected to follow the terms of any pacts as they will be representing The Guild by their actions.