Guild Name: Phoenix Fire

Who are we?
We have existed as a guild/clan/legion/groupsince the late 1990's.  We have extensive MMO experience at many levels of gameplay.

What do we expect?
We are a casual, yet hard working group that will fight to defend our people and work hard to succeed at whatever task or obstacles are in our way.   Expect being able to find a group if you need it most, but keep in mind in some instances we will try to get major quests/tasks done in bulk.

Benefits of Joining?
We have been involved in several MMO's over the past 10-15 years, bringing years of experience to our member base.  We will be using Ventrilo (75 person server) to communicate while in game to make our gameplay more efficient and organized.  We work hard in a team environment, while utilizing each individual's efforts and contributions.  There is always someone to setup a group with, between our guild and allied guilds, no matter what the task may be.

Preferred Languages:
We will be primarily be speaking and communicating in English.  You do not have to be native English to join Phoenix Fire, simply be able to understand and communicate in the language.

Phoenix Fire has decided to make our headquarters on the ALPHA server in Archeage.  We will determine as a guild while in Alpha and Beta testing which server we will be playing on when the game goes live.

Accepting Members?
We are currently accepting new membership applications and are specifically seeking Nuia or Elven based characters. (see forums for more details). We are only accepting Nuia or Elven based players because we are focusing on making our group strong and stable. To to this we cannot be competing amongst our own people.  If you think you have what it takes to join our ranks, please register on our forums and apply to join our Guild!

Can I be an Officer?
Although we currently have some Officer and Group Leader positions still available, we have a strong recruiting policy to weed out the money farmers, bots and other pirating scum.  Phoenix Fire is looking to be a strong group of players, not a large group of 'zerg' style players.  Our focus is mainly on quality membership, not quantity so you will need to provide solid reasoning for the position you are requesting.  Our Guild ranks are designed to be fluid to allow movement up and down the ranks.  If you prove to do well, you may receive a promotion (temporary or permanent), and vice versa, until you are in the spot that suits you and the Guild best.  If you truly are interested in a position, and the responsibilities that come with it, please post in our forums why you should get the position.  Some people are not naturally suited for certain positions, so we want to find the best spot for everyone.

Do you plan on allying with other guilds?
Please see our Alliance section for more information.

Thank you for your interest in Phoenix Fire!