Phoenix Fire is an adventurous group of experienced MMO players who are currently based on the Alpha server. We play to enjoy Archeage for all it has to offer and are open to new and innovative concepts and ideas.

Guild Dues

Archeage - As of June 1, 2014, we do NOT have any Guild Dues.  If we do implement it, it will be a weekly Guild Dues requirement of X gold.  This would be to grow as a Guild as quickly as possible and is in line with our internal Guild Crafting/Gear system.  Guild Dues thus far, are not an in-game option with the current Guild system provided.

Do you have what it takes?
If you think you're up for the challenge head over to our Guild Forums and fill out an application!

*** NOTE *** Any Officer caught attempting to perform mutiny will be dealt with by the Guild Leader(s) IMMEDIATELY. We are here to work as a team, not to overrule each other's decisions. Take it to tell if you have a problem with a judgment call, not in open forum.

Internal Ranks (Listed in order of Highest to Lowest)

* Phoenix Fire Archeage Guild Ranks *