Mar 29, 2011

Ring Of Silence - Star Wars:TOR Pre-Launch Recruiting

We are currently accepting applications for the upcoming Star Wars:TOR to be released in Spring 2011.
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Ring Of Silence is an adventurous group patiently awaiting the SWTOR release (due Spring 2011) with 10+ years of MMO experience in several games and platforms.  Our focus is primarily on PvP, raiding, and teamwork.  Our play-style is not about 'zerg' mentality, but more around stategies and tactics.

RoS has existed as a guild/clan/legion/group since the late 1990's, going back as far as The Realm and Everquest(EQ1).  We have extensive MMO experience at many levels of gameplay.  We are a casual, yet hardworking group that will fight to defend our people and work hard to succeed at whatever task or obstacles are in our way.  We will be using Ventrilo (75 person server) to communicate while in game to make our gameplay more efficient and organized.

RoS has decided to make our headquarters on an US Eastern timezone PvP server (will update with exact name) and will work with any other Republic-based Guilds to stabilize our Republic and turn away the forces of the Dark Side!  We are currently accepting new member applications.  Currently all Republic-based class applications are being accepted (see forums for more details).  We are only accepting Republic-based players because we are focusing on making our team strong and stable.  To to this we cannot be competing amongst our own people.  If you think you have what it takes to join our ranks, please register on our forums and apply to join our Guild!  Although we currently have some Officer and Group Leader positions still available, we have a strong recruiting policy to weed out the money farmers, bots and other Empire scum.  RoS is looking to be a strong group of players, not a large group of 'zerg' style players.  Our focus is mainly on quality membership, not quantity!

Do you have what it takes?
If you think you're up for the challenge head over to our RoS Guild Forums and fill out an application!

If there are other Republic-based looking to join an established alliance, please do not hesitate to keep us in your radar.

The Republic needs your support! Support the Republic and it will support you!